Ex-Mutual OneSavings Eyes Stock Market Float

The former Kent Reliance building society joins the queue of UK banks preparing to list their shares on the stock market.

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Japan Introduces World’s Thinnest Condoms (0.01mm)


Japanese condom manufacturer Sagami has just introduced the world’s thinnest condom, a pecker wrapper only 0.01mm thin. For reference, that’s about as thin as your penis is long. Hoho, burn! PROTIP: shave your pubes to make it look longer.

According to website ZakZak, it took Sagami Rubber Industries over ten years to realize these rubbers, from conception to completion. In total, over 20,000 condoms were put through a battery of tests (probably water leakage tests, burst tests, and tensile tests as well as, I’m guessing, other tests) in a trial and error process.

It previously released a 0.02 millimeter condom in 2005. By comparison, the thinnest Trojan condom, the Trojan Ultra Thin, is around 0.06mm.

Two weeks ago, Sagami launched the polyurethane contraceptives in Tokyo, with a box of five costing 1,260 yen (US$12). ZakZak reports that the rubbers have been incredibly popular, with some shops apparently selling out their stock.

Listen, kids: wrap those peckers up. I can’t stress that enough. And no complaining you don’t like the feel of condoms, you should just be thankful you’re having sex at all. You know what definitely feels worse than wearing a condom? A disease. Like having to wake up every two hours to calm a crying baby. Geekologie: making a difference.

Thanks to Aaron, who, like me, needs condoms at least an inch thick to avoid breakage.

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This Year, He’s Mine: The $6,500 Santa Stake-Out Kit


This is the $6,500 Santa Stake-Out kit being sold by PlanetOptics so you can spy on Santa while he’s making his rounds. Me? I’m not sitting around in the cold waiting for that fat bastard to go flying by, I’m going to lure him to me. “With milk and cookies?” What is this, amateur hour? I’m going to kidnap Mrs. Claus. An entire list of all the stuff included:

Camoflage Gear
OPMOD Ghillie Suit Snow Camo
Final Approach One Shot Blinds
Final Approach Pull-Over Cover

Propper Crew Neck Mens T-Shirt
BlackHawk Omega Elite Tactical Vest #1
Under Armour Coldgear Hitch Lite Cushion Boot Socks
BlackHawk ECW Pro Winter Operations Gloves
Tru-Spec H2O Waterproof ECWS Gen 2 Parka

OPMOD P.A.C. 3.0 Personal Articles Carrier Bag

Hydration & Food Storage
Neverlost Food Thermos
Primus C&H Commuter Mug Stainless Steel

Camping Gear

Eberlestock Ultralight Sleeping Bag w/ G-Loft Insulation
Boker USA Bon Appetite Knife

Hunting Gear
Cass Creek Harmon Synthetic Mule Deer Female in Heat Scent
Leupold RX-1000i Compact Range Finder with DNA
Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam Night Vision Field Scan Trail Camera
AimSHOT Heatseeker Infrared Spotter with Laser

Gen Pro Tactical Stocking with MOLLE
Bolle Mojo Snow Ski Goggles
Zippo Hand Warmer, Black
Surefire P2X Fury Flashlight – Dual Output Tactical Light
Pro Ears Pro Hear IV BTE Digital Hearing Device
5.11 Tactical Field Ops Watch
Brite Strike Technologies Tactical Balls White LED Rolling Devices
OPMOD TBO 1.0 Limited Edition Tactical Bottle Opener
Uniden Two-Way FRS/GMRS Walkie Talkies
OPMOD WB 1.0 Limited Edition 8x42mm Waterproof Binoculars

Night Vision, Thermals & Cameras
Carson OPMOD DNV 1.0 Limited Edition Mini Aura Digital Night Vision Pocket Monocular
Elmo Indoor Day/Night Network Dome Security Camera
Brinno TimeLapse Motion Sensor Digital Camera Bundle
Canon EOS Rebel T4i Digital SLR Camera Kit
FLIR Scout PS-24 Thermal Camera / Digital Thermal Imager
Celestron C90 Mak Spotting Scope w/ Tripod

Wow, that’s a lot of stuff. Most of which seems unnecessary. Also, I’ve had a change of heart and I’ve decided to not kidnap Mrs. Claus. I’ve got a new plan: lace the carrots I leave for Santa’s reindeer with laxatives and follow the diarrhea trail back to the North Pole.

Keep going for a video about the collection if you’re into torturing yourself, or check out PlanetOptic’s $20,000 Invisible Man kit in case you’re just trying to disappear for awhile.

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Star Trek TNG Clips Edited So The Cast Sings ‘Let It Snow’


This is a short video of clips from Star Trek: The Next Generation edited together so the cast sings ‘Let It Snow’ (technically, ‘Make It So’). At least that’s what the first half of the video is. The second half is the guy who edited it talking about a video game he’s developing. Admittedly, not a bad tactic to get the first, unrelated half of your video game video watched.

Hit the jump for the video.

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Pizza Baked With 3-D Printed Dough And Pizza Sauce


This is the 3-D printed pizza made by Natural Machines. Natural Machines is a company in Barcelona that’s developing a 3-D food printer called the Foodini. I mean, this is the future after all. We might not have jetpacks, but if I can print my own Twix bars in a year I’m still calling it a win. Unfortunately, only the dough and pizza sauce were 3-D printed — the cheese and spices were still added by hand. And hands, as I’m sure you’re all aware, are what people use to scratch their privates. That’s why it’s important to have ALL the ingredients 3-D printed. Nobody wants a half mushroom, half pube pizza. Gross fact: One time I actually found a pube in my chicken nuggets. I’m not going to say where I got them, but TWIST ENDING: my own freezer.

Thanks to Chandy, who agrees they need to work on 3-D printing Krystal burgers so I don’t have to wait to go visit my family in Alabama to have some.

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Projector Animated Donkey Kong Wedding Cake


This is a wedding cake baked by Meals For Reals and animated by DJ and lighting company Posh Entertainment using a 3-D mapped projector. It works perfect for displaying Donkey Kong. Less perfect for Pac-Man. And that 3-D pipes Windows screensaver just looked f***ing awful. I don’t want to see that at my wedding. Or any cousins twerking. Jenny, please stop, we used to take baths together.

Keep going for a video demo, then throw your wedding reception in the dark so your projector cake really shines.

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NatWest Website Hit By A ‘Surge Attack’

The NatWest banking website has been hit by a cyber attack in the wake of its IT woes earlier this week, Sky News has confirmed.

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